Environmental, Wildlife and Forestry Consultants

Fields of Expertise

Environmental Impact Assessment and Integrated Environment Management

Our expertise in this field covers the whole tange of requirements from the detailed technical work to the facilitation and management of the EIA / IEM process.

Wildlife Management

We have comprehensive expertise covering the entire spectrum of management objectives from pure protection management to production and ecotourism . We are recognized as being the national leaders in the application of quantitative methods in the field. We also have qualified veterinary expertise in the group. Expertise in the conservation management and breeding of predatory birds is particularly strong. We can also offer game capture and transport support.

Problem Animal Management

We have expertise in controlling problems with birds, rodents and primates and are able to provide cost effective solutions and advice in economic decision making surrounding damage control.

Conservation Planning

Our experience in this field extends to the whole range of ecological zones in Southern Africa. We have been involved in planning many reserves abd production enterprises throughout the region.

Fire Ecology and Management

Our expertise in this field is extensive and includes acting as expert witnesses in the high court in a number of successful cases.

Forest Policy and Forest Certification

Through our association with SSC we are able to carry out full certification of forestry operations to either FSC or ISO14001 standards. We have wide experience of managing stakeholder participation processes.

Agroforestry and Social Forestry

We have wide experience in southern Africa including recent work in northern Africa.

Wildlife Statisitcs and Management Decision Support

Our experience in wildlife statistics and in multi criteria decision making strategic planning is a particular strength of the company.

Ecotourism Development

We are able to advise on the development of facilities and identify opportunities for ecotourism and can also call on expertise in ethno– and archaeotourism.

Game farming, sourcing

We offer expertise in game farming, sourcingof game animals and can provide professional hunters to accompany clients.